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DiscoverDance is a series of movement classes designed to introduce children to the creative and expressive world of dance. Each program stage offers children the opportunity to develop their natural movement ability in a multi-sensory environment. Music, movement, visuals, and props will enhance your dancer’s love of the art form and the unique conceptual approach to dance education will provide a strong foundation for technical and cognitive growth.


Class Duration 60 minutes

Ages 5-7 (Grades K-2). These classes combine your choice of either Ballet/Tap or Ballet/Jazz to offer dancers the opportunity to explore two dance disciplines. Each week the class will have a 60 minute class consisting of 30 minutes of each style.


Junior to Advanced levels Class Duration 45 to 75 mins

Ages 5 & up. Ballet classes focus on technique, strength and fluidity of movement while promoting poise and grace. Classes will incorporate barre & center work, adage, petite & grand allegro and across the floor technique. This discipline is the basis of dance helping to shape the body, mind and spirit. Pointe work is incorporated once the dancers have reached the required age and technique.


Junior to Advanced levels Class Duration 45 to 60 mins

Ages 5 & up. This class is fun packed and high energy! Classes begin with a structured warm-up designed to develop flexibility & build strength, followed by center technique such as kicks, leaps and pirouettes. We finish class by learning a choreographed routine. Hip Hop, Street and Latin styles will be incorporated.


Class Duration 45 to 60 mins

Ages 5 & up. Timeless and classic, tap dancing allows dancers to experience changes in rhythms and movements while giving them the freedom to explore their own personal style. Classes incorporate many styles of tap, including Traditional Newfoundland style step dancing. ISTD Exam Classes available from Primary to Advanced 2. ISTD Tap Medal syllabus is also available.


Junior to Advanced levels Class Duration 45 to 60 mins

Ages 5 & up. Learn music interpretation through sustained extensions and expressive emotion. Lyrical is a type of dance that relies on a direct relationship between the lyrics of various songs/poems and specific dance movements. The Contemporary aspect lends a more dynamic style to this class. These classes use current top 40 music for inspiration and choreography.


Class Duration 45 to 60 mins

Fresh, fun and full of high energy Hip Hop takes today latest trends in music and movement and brings them into this fast paced class. Dancers are encouraged to incorporate their own style and expression. Indoor sneakers specifically purchased for studio use are required. No out door footwear is permitted.


CDS Inc is proud to offer classes in Ballet, Jazz and Tap for Adults. Dance is a great way to get fit and have a blast! Come see what all the talk is about and why we LOVE dance so much!

ISTD & Acrobatic Arts Exam Program

Class Duration 45 to 60 mins

These classes are based on the Syllabus of the Imperial Society for Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), based in London, England and Acrobatic Arts. Each spring an Examiner will visit CDS from the UK/Canada to facilitate the examinations. The ISTD is a worldwide governing body for dance education and is the leading dance examinations board, providing techniques upon which to train dancers for the profession. Acrobatic Arts offers a top notch Acrobatic Syllabus designed to give dancers a high level of skill and excellence within Acro Dance.

If you are interested in joining this program please reach out to our staff for further information!

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